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Get organic targeted traffic to your website from one of the biggest online platform.

Get targeted traffic from

WordPress powers more than 27% of the web. So nearly one-third of the websites are running on WordPress platform.

What is Traffic Zion?

Traffic Zion is a Windows software that uses the API of

What does it do?

Before you install it you need to have an account on and one account on

After you got it installed on your PC you need to connect the software to your gravatar account.

You can choose tags (keywords) around your niche.

After that, the software emulates the human behavior and search on reader for articles that match the keywords you chose earlier and give likes to those articles or follow that blog.

Once the software gives a like on an article or follows the website the owner gets an email or a notification about this activity.

From here on, the owner might choose or not to, to see who interacted with his post.

If they check who followed them or who gave the like on their post they gonna see your Gravatar profile where you have previously set up your Profile with your blog/website details.

After we been running the software for a month we have seen an increase in traffic from 78 users a month to  237 which was on autopilot.

Another good thing about running the software is that you get followers from So why is this good?

Every time you post a new article on your website they get an email from WordPress about your new post.

After running the software for about 40 days we gained more than 200 followers.

If you want to know more about Traffic Zion you can find the link below.



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