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April 24, 2020

Secure your copy of Lingo Blaster 2!

Our Bonuses go hand in hand with Lingo Blaster 2

But what is Lingo Blaster 2?
Lingo Blaster will make your videos change the title and description of your videos, depending on the foreign language of the viewer!
With Lingo Blaster 2 you can add Captions & Subtitles to your videos.
Do you know that 35% of videos are watched muted?
Don't lose Viewers and Money for not having Captions, Subtitles or translation!

There is a known fact: Users prefer content in their NATIVE language!
Video is the future. The stats show that more than 70% of all internet traffic is video, YouTube watch time on mobile is growing by 60% every year, 90% of users find videos helpful in making purchase decisions and more than 33% of all time spent online is watching videos.

Upload A SINGLE VIDEO And RANK for more than 100 LANGUAGES!

This is the Only Software that will TRANSLATE and RANK your videos with 3 simple clicks!

See below our awesome bonuses!

BONUS #1.   Value:$ 36.00

Learn how to build video teasers that sell your video products. These methods have been working for the lase decade.

BONUS #2.   Value:$ 40.00

This is a 3 part video course that will help you within creating videos using the free YouTube creation tool, using keywords and monetizing videos.

BONUS #3.   Value:$ 30.00

25 unique outro clips made for youtube videos.

BONUS #4.   Value:$ 29.00

Inside this easy to follow 5 day crash course you will be introduced to the basics of using YouTube.

BONUS #5.   Value:$ 45.00

Learn how to drive traffic to your YouTube channel with proven methods that work.

BONUS #6.   Value:$ 38.00

Inside this easy to follow 5 day crash course you will be introduced to the basics of using YouTube.

BONUS #7.   Value:$ 39.00

Imagine if you could build sustainable recurring traffic from your YouTube channel to your products and services...

BONUS #8.   Value:$ 27.00

This 5 part video training course will teach you everything you need to know about marketing on youtube for hordes of traffic.

BONUS #9.   Value:$ 42.00

You don't need a large YouTube channel to earn 6 figures per year from sponsorship and brand deals. Here's the lowdown on how to do it...

BONUS #10.   Value:$ 27.00

Video training lessons that features case studies of five successful YouTubers.

To Claim Our Bonuses You Must Make Sure Our Affiliate ID Is Showing. This Is What You Should See On The Jvzoo Payment Page.

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